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When your aviation needs requires an aviation maintenance technicians, with Inspection Authorization designation, commonly known as an “IA”, FindanIA.com can help.


Aviation maintenance technicians with the IA designation are required for all annual inspections. IAs are also required to inspect aircraft or it’s airframe, powerplant or components when making major repairs and alterations as well as a variety of other maintenance inspections.


Our company is dedicated to helping you find these IAs. FindanIA.com search page makes it easy for you to search worldwide for any one of the over 21,000 IA’s, THE SEARCH SERVICE IS FREE


We also assist Companies in their business search for short and long term contract IAs.




Our toolbox page helps IAs find current airworthiness directives (including emergency directives), service bulletins, type certificate data, supplemental type certificates, aircraft registration information and forms. We encourage visitors and IAs who visit our website to participate in our blog to help exchange aircraft maintenance information with other IA’s.


The toolbox page can also help current IAs find an IA renewal course which meets the requirements of FAR 65.93 (a) (4).


On the “Become an IA’ page the Aviation Maintenance Technician who wants to become designated for Inspection authorization will find helpful information pertaining to eligibility requirements, regulations and links for, IA Knowledge test guide, required testing and application forms. As well as a step by step guide on how to go about becoming an AMT with IA designation.